foxton NZ

Foxton Beach Community Centre

108 Seabury Avenue, Foxton Beach 4815
Mon - Thurs 9am -2pm | Closed Fridays.
Phone: (06) 363 8387, 24 hr answerphone service.


A place of friendship and a supporting eye for our community.

Our services and facilities are available to all Residents or Ratepayers in Foxton Beach, Foxton,and environs.


to - Medical appointments / Dental / Optometrists etc Foxton - Levin - Palmerston North.
contact the Centre for further information

Community Nurse

Available Wednesday 10.30am -1pm for Blood pressure tests and other health matters.

Monthly Clinics

Respiratory disorders, Diabetes, Plunket, Footcare services.

Drop-in centre

With information on local services and organisations. Public Notice Board. Photocopying.

Rooms for hire - please call for more information

The Community Centre was established in 1989, with the following objects : -
(A) To create and foster a proper interest in all the questions affecting the health, welfare and well being of the Foxton Beach Community.
(B) To represent the Foxton Beach Community Centre and manage its affairs within New Zealand.
(C) To make representations to appropriate authorities on behalf of the community and all matters relevant to the above interest.

Membership is open to all residents of Foxton Beach and Foxton, and is administered by an Annually Elected Committee of whom 80% must be resident in Foxton Beach.