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MAVtech ; The National Museum of Audio Visual Arts & Sciences Of NZ Trust Inc

1 Avenue Road, Foxton 4814
Contact Phone: Jacob Brookie 021 025 73553
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MAVtech- Museum of Audio-Visual Technology:
From the cameras which recorded our memories to the records which played our first homegrown hits MAVtech displays the technology which made history in Foxton's Coronation Hall. Visit our website to discover our next open day and to find out more about the next classic movie screening!

About MAVtech:
Over one hundred and fifty years of New Zealand history is inside of our cabinets. Our collection spans radios, televisions, records, tapes, film cameras, camcorders, music players and an automatic player piano which made any beginner into a maestro!

But we also have the technology which lived behind the scenes- you'll see the miniature xylophone which played the news announcement tones on the radio, part of the massive broadcast camera which introduced colour television to the nation and the 'sound box' which gave sound effects to live radio shows. We even have the equipment which pressed some of New Zealand's earliest hit records.

Our volunteers are passionate about vintage technology and will show you how these marvelous machines worked during our open days.

MAVtech's radio studios are home to Radio Foxton which broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 105.4FM. From country music to heavy metal there's something for everyone. If you are outside of Horowhenua visit our website for a digital streaming link and enjoy the voice of our town!

Movie Nights at MAVtech:
Coronation Hall was built as a 'picture palace'- an ornate cinema with a single giant screen. With 200 art deco seats in the upstairs 'dress circle' the Hall is still a working cinema and is the last public theatre in the country to use carbon arc projectors for a truly unique movie experience. With over 5 million feet of film in our archives there's always something new to screen!

Each screening begins with a vintage newsreel and classic cartoon from the golden days of cinema. The main feature varies from black and white classics, to more recent blockbusters- check out our website for the type of movie we are screening next. Admission is only $10 per person with doors opening an hour before the screening to give guests a chance to view our exhibits. There's even a selection of vintage National Film Unit cameras which would have made some of the newsreels we screen!

MAVtech movie nights are held on the last Friday of the month at 7pm (except December)."

The Coronation Hall:
The Coronation Hall is a piece of history in itself! The hall was built in 1926 in the place of the original which had been destroyed by fire. The Hall was the centre of Foxton community life, and some incredibly quick fundraising and construction had the hall rebuilt in six months! Unlike the wooden original the new hall was made of concrete- nobody wanted to fundraise a second time....

When the Hall was built Foxton was a thriving flax town with a river port and a busy railway. Coronation Hall was the place to go for civic events, meetings or to relax in front of a movie. But, by the 1970s the Hall was underused and seemed to have screened it's last picture show.

MAVtech founder Peter Edwards rescued the Hall and it has been home to the museum ever since with the support of it's owner, the Horowhenua District Council.

Visiting MAVtech:
On the last Saturday of the month (except December) MAVtech hosts an open day from 1pm-4pm. Admission is $6 per adult, and children 12 years and under are free. We also host private tours and school visits and can tailor your visit with your interests.

Our cinema is also available for private bookings of twenty or more guests. Popular options include a one-hour assortment of cartoons and 'shorts' or a two-hour feature film. Private screenings also include a museum visit. Please let us know your requirements- we have a digital projector which can play modern film formats.


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