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Manawatu Marine Boating Club

50 Hartley Street, Foxton Beach 4815
Postal address: PO Box 7, Foxton Beach 4815
Contact: (06) 363 8386

Manawatu Marine Boating Club The Manawatu Marine Boating Club provides a range of recreational and social facilities and welcomes power boats, sail boats, jet skis and other river users. .The Club buildings are situated on the banks of the Manawatu River with excellent launching facilities.

The Club holds seminars and courses to encourage boating safety. It boasts a very strong fishing section and an increasingly strong sailing section with both young and older sailors. Coastguard has a close association with the boating club and uses many of its facilities.

The club is open each day from 4.00 p.m. until 7.00 p.m. - Monday to Thursday. It is open from 4.00 p.m. till late on Friday and Saturday and 3:00 p.m. till 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. Evening meals are available on Friday and Saturday from 6pm.

Foxton RSA

1 Easton Street, Foxton 4814
Phone: (06) 363 7670

The Foxton RSA is a community based club - "the Heart of the Community". Providing a friendly and safe environment for families and individuals (children are welcome). Centrally located in a modern building it is the prime venue for local entertainment, with top class acts at regular intervals.
The restaurant caters for reasonably priced quality meals and campervans can be accommodated with two of the sites powered. Members and visitors view major sporting and other events on our large screen and enjoy the pool tables, dart boards, gaming machines and juke box as well as weekly raffles.
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10 Stewart Street, Foxton
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New Zealand’s Newest Wakeboard Cable Park – Foxton, Horowhenua. Here at OFF THE LOOP we have created the latest ‘must do’ attraction in the Lower Nth Island!
We offer Cable Wakeboard & Waterski riding at our private lake on our 2 x Two tower TOPLINE CABLE Systems. Based in Foxton, 1 ½ hrs north of the Wellington CBD, and 30 mins west of Palmerston North we have a variety of flat glassy water, ramps and rail slides at our double laned purpose built location nestled in the Horowhenua countryside. Something for the whole family and guaranteed to satisfy riders of all skill levels!


1 Thomas Place, Foxton Beach
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Contact us: (06) 363 5642 or Mobile: 027 814 0273
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Our powerkite courses are great for families and children of all ages, teaching you Powerkite Piloting with safety as the priority, and from there the skies the limit. Harness the power of the wind.

Why struggle to learn to Kitesurf in the blustery , choppy conditions of Wellington or Taranaki?, when you could be progressing safely & at your own speed in the shallow, calm waters of the Manawatu River Estuary, riding powered freestyle in butter flat water in 25 knots or schredding the ample waves out on the sandy bottom beach! Come pay us a visit, and session with us here at Wind Warriors in Foxton Beach. We're waiting for your call!!

Landboarding is the boarder's next step on from Powerkiting. Harnessing the power of the kite in order to pull yourself along the ground on a 4 wheeled landboard. Landboarders and Kite Buggiers are also well catered for with in excess of 22km of hardpacked sands between the Manawatu and Tangimoana river mouths to explore and ride on at low tide, towering sand dunes to traverse and epic potential for down winders along this stunning coastline. Once you have the basic skills of kite landboarding, you can progress to jumping and freestyle tricks, speed runs and slides! All landboarding equipment and safety gear is provided.

Kite buggy is great fun for everyone of all ages and kitesports skill levels. Its one of the easiest to learn and gives you plenty of options including Buggy freestyle, Terrain & Dune riding and balls out racing. Wind Warriors will teach you the basics, and from there the only way is downwind.... fast! All kites, buggies and safety gear provided.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP), is an emerging global sport. It involves standing on a large surfboard with a single bladed paddle to propel the rider across the water. SUP'ing is gaining in popularity as celebrities are sampling the sport, and cross-over athletes are training with SUP. SUP is opening up the world of boardsports to those who have never been interested in them due to its simple easy nature and basic techniques. You too can be paddling the rivers, & ocean after learning a few simple techniques.


Here at Wind Warriors in Foxton beach we have it all! Masses of flat water in the Manawatu Estuary, ideal for mellow relaxing paddle sessions or SUP missions up river. And for those with the surf bug, we have small waves on the beach, perfect for those first attempts at SUP wave riding.

Foxton Golf Club

Phone: (06) 363 8160

Foxton Racing Club

Contact phone: (06) 363 8149

Awahou Indoor Bowls

River Loop Reserve, Harbour St, Foxton

Foxton Beach Outdoor Bowls

Seabury Avenue, Foxton Beach 4815

Foxton Rugby Football Club

Easton Park (SH1), Foxton 4814

Foxton Squash Racquets Club

Victoria Park (SH1), Foxton 4814

Foxton Surf Lifesaving Club

Clubrooms, Beachfront Carpark: Ph (06) 363 8043

Manawatu Sailing Club

50 Hartley St, Foxton Beach 4815
Contact phone: (06) 363 8386
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